Horsemanship with Robert Morin
Robert Morin
Accredited Trainer & Instructor
2142 Old Augusta Rd.
Waldoboro Maine 04572
207 832 7900 /
Robert Morin, Accredited Trainer & Instructor

Robert Morin has been around horses for many years and plans to be around them for many more. As Robert is approaching his retirement years, he would like to donate and dedicate his full attention to his horses and his community.

Having knowledge of horses and what is needed for good quality, safe boarding has given Robert an added advantage. Robertís home and farm is located in scenic N.Waldoboro Maine, located in the Mid-coast Region of Maine at Barrel Mill Farm.

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Robert began his life-long association with horses as a teenager working at a stable with over 75 horses. The days were long and the work was hard, but the "magic" of being around these amazing animals made a profound impression on him.
Robert has a great way of connecting with animals and there is no exception when it comes to horses. Robert believes if we stopped once in a while and listen to our animals the world maybe a far better place. Another way of looking at things is that, let our horses teach us about us.
The name Barrel Mill comes from the properties rich history in the hydro-mill production of barrels during the late 1800ís to early 1900ís. Robertís land borders the Medomak River, at one time home to 17 working mills. Remains of the dams and mills still remain on the Farmís property. To learn more about the Farm please visit Barrel Mill Farm where Robert works and farms with his two Tennessee Walkers; Budd & Sonny.
2055. Animals on a public way
1. Riding animals or driving animal-drawn vehicles. A person riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle on a public way has the rights and is subject to the duties of a vehicle operator, except those provisions that by their nature have no application.
Here at Barrel Mill Farm the learning and listening to what our horses or other animals are telling me has been a learning experience itself. I once had a trainer that I was working with told me he knows [the horse] what to do I just need to listen. I have learned to use this in my training and working around my horse as well as other. It is a great tool to use.
The one thing to remember when we are with our horses, it is all about having fun and if you love what you are doing it is fun and it not work.